Monday, December 2, 2019

To Commune with the Ancestors –A Widow Reflects

To Commune with the Ancestors –A Widow Reflects
by Elaine McGillicuddy (Author)

To Commune with the Ancestors – A Widow Reflects by Elaine G. McGillicuddy is a prose memoir whose focus is what Catholics call the “communion of saints.” But the book gives several examples of how communing with (or connecting with in some way) loved ones who have died is a practice which is universal. Atheists do it, as do people of every religion worldwide. A substantial part of this book consists of the author’s journal entries. These offer personal examples that illustrate her own “communing” with her deceased husband, Francis. The penultimate chapter is about her goddaughter, Rowan. She was five years old when Francis died, so her youth gave her a surprisingly perceptive understanding of how to commune with him. This chapter demonstrates, then, ways that Rowan picked up the belief that although he died, Francis, whom she called “pepere,” was still “with us.” The final chapter records the author’s musings after a visit to a cemetery where Francis regularly went jogging.Overall, what the author wishes to convey is clear: as miraculous as it may sound, and is – everyone who grieves the loss of a loved one has their own unique potential to commune with them.

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