Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Polish bishops vow to improve child protection after landmark abuse report

After years of abuse by priests, #NunsToo are speaking out

March 18, 2019

After years of abuse by priests, #NunsToo are speaking out

National Public Radio
March 18, 2019
By Sylvia Poggioli
In February, Pope Francis acknowledged a longstanding dirty secret in the Roman Catholic Church — the sexual abuse of nuns by priests.
It's an issue that had long been kept under wraps, but in the #MeToo era, a #NunsToo movement has emerged, and now sexual abuse is more widely discussed.
The Vatican's wall of silence was first broken in Women Church World, a supplement of the official Vatican daily, L'Osservatore Romano. An article in the February issue by editor Lucetta Scaraffia — a history professor, mother and feminist — blamed abuse of women and minors on the clerical culture of the all-powerful priesthood. The piece was based on hundreds of stories she heard from nuns.

Commentary Abuse summit achieved something, but not what pope or bishops expected

As the hierarchy gathers for the Vatican summit, clergy sexual abuse survivors speak out Feb. 20-24 in Rome. (CNS photos/Yara Nardi, Reuters; Paul Haring; Junno Arocho Esteves)

Abuse summit achieved something, but not what pope or bishops expected


Catholic support for Trump declines, according to latest poll

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Future Church--Power to the People: From Clericalism to Collaboration

2019 Teleconference Series: Power to the People

Join us from the comfort of your own home for FutureChurch's 2019 teleconference series "Power to the People: From Clericalism to Collaboration."
In the wake of the recent revelations of clergy sex abuse and coverup, many -- including Pope Francis -- have diagnosed clericalism as one underlying disease doing great harm to our Church. How do we rid ourselves once and for all of every form and manifestation of clericalism? Our teleconference series will seek the input and advice from top experts who are well-positioned to help us answer that question and to develop ways that we, the People of God, can organize and advocate for a healthier, holier Church.
*Please check back often as the series continues to develop and more teleconferences are being planned and will be announced. 

Sunday to Sunday: A new series highlighting great preaching

Sunday to Sunday: A new series highlighting great preaching


[Editors’ note: This introduction is adapted from the About section of Sunday To Sunday’s website]
My familiarity with the preaching ministry comes from my years as a parish priest, college professor, and television producer. Each of these aspects of my ministry has provided the guidance and the occasional wisdom to see the importance of my current work.
The new web series “Sunday to Sunday” identifies a series of case studies about preaching by listening to preachers in their own words and hearing samples of their efforts.
As we take this preaching journey we explore how the homily is an occasion for hearing the diverse voices that witness to the gospel today in the lives of priests, deacons, lay-women, and youth ministers.
Our intent is to listen to accomplished preachers pass along their ideas about the ministry, observe examples of preaching genre so to stimulate conversation about witnessing to the word of God. By slowing down the process and by examining a particular homily or sermon, we hope to build confidence in our viewers and thereby lend more significant commitment to this vitally crucial pastoral task.
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