Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Throne and Altar Time

It is election season again. Inevitably, it’s also the season for many of our Catholic brethren to do some theological mangling of the political issues at hand. Last week, three different Catholic organizations emailed me a voter guide that claimed to show how Pope Francis would be approaching the American presidential election. I was not aware that Francis had endorsed anyone, so I read the document with interest. When I finished reading the guide—mute on family policy and school choice, tepid on abortion and religious liberty—I concluded that the sponsoring organizations would have better spent their money simply sending me Ready-for-Hillary buttons and bumper stickers. Undoubtedly, thinly disguised Republican “Catholic” leaflets will soon fill up the mailbox as well. In truth, teasing a Trump vote out of any papal utterance will require Herculean literary skills, but I am certain that some earnest Catholic group will attempt to do so.

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